Tasty, fresh, homemade

We propose you to start the day with a breakfast composed of fresh and authentic products, home made.

Depending on your wishes, you will be served in the panoramic dining room facing the Sainte Victoire building, or on the terrace shaded by wisteria.

You will find, according to the seasons, homemade jams (sometimes with the fruit of our orchard), homemade cakes, homemade yogurts, as well as hot drinks (Moka coffee, Mariage Pierre tea, Sanson chocolate), freshly squeezed orange juice and fresh fruits.

Breakfast is included in the price of your stay.

Room minibar


Want to celebrate the moment or relax? We provide you with fresh drinks:

  • Mineral water
  • Fruit juices
  • Sodas
  • Craft beers from Provence
  • Rosé wine from the best areas of Provence
  • Champagne

Drinks are extra for your stay

Delicatessen of Provence

Selection of quality local products

We have selected for you products from Provence that we love. We chose them for their quality, their authenticity but also for the direct relationships we have with the producers:

  • Wines from Provence
  • Liquors of Provence
  • Tapenade, Anchoïade and other spreads
  • Marseille Soap and beauty products

These products are for sale at Bastide Perchée, to bring back a souvenir or a gift. But you can also consider each product as a possible visit from its producer.

The products of our "grocery store" are extra for your stay

Massages and care

Do yourself good

Enjoy your stay to relax and rejuvenate: in your room or in the shade of the trees of the garden, discover our treatments and relaxing massages.

Take advantage of your stay to relax and unwind: in your room or in the shade of the trees in the garden, discover our relaxing treatments and massages.

Our masseuse, Marine, is trained in different techniques of traditional massage (Sudéois, Hawaiien, Kobido), massages and Ayurvedic treatments (India) as well as Shiatsu.

We offer you :

  • Swedish Massage : full body and face massage which aims to deeply relax the muscles through gentle and firm gestures at the same time. This technique relieves muscle tension and promotes joint flexibility.
    Price: 70 € for 60 minutes

  • Abhyanga Indian Massage : full body and face massage with Ayurvedic oils.
    In Ayurvedic medicine, this massage is a therapeutic tool : it is a complete massage, between relaxation and acupressure points. It allows energy rebalancing of vital energies ( doshas )
    Price: 70 € for 60 minutes

  • Hawaiian Massage Lomi - Lomi: full body and face massage inspired by the Hawaiian tradition. It is at the same time relaxing, harmonizing and stimulating . The Lomi-Lomi massage is given with the hands, forearms and fingertips, elbows and finger joints, on a musical background of Hawaiian songs
    Price: 70 € for 60 minutes

  • Japanese Kobido massage (face) : true beauty asset of Japanese women, Kobido massage has an impact on the skin muscles, firms the tissues, activates micro-circulation and vital energy to give a lifting and plumping effect on the face while providing relaxation and relaxation.
    Price: 60 € for 60 minutes

  • Japanese Shiatsu Massage : Shiatsu is an art of Japanese touch based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine which aims at energy rebalancing .
    The practitioner exerts support (fingers, palms, elbows ...) on energy lines and points (meridians / points common to acupuncture) traversing the body.
    This massage is practiced on the futon floor, and the jusha (catcher) remains dressed.
    Price: 50 € for 60 minutes

Treatments and massages are at an additional cost, by reservation

Gourmet dinner concocted by a chef

An exceptional moment, pleasure for the eyes and taste buds
Discover the gourmet dinner

Gastronomic workshop

Participate in the preparation of an exceptional meal, then taste it
Discover the gastronomic workshop